Got half way through “A Very Stable Genius” but had to give up. You just know it’s going to be more of the same all the way to the end. Depressing.

Italia ‘90 - when we were kings (and queens)

Brilliant, brilliant piece by Tommie Gorman. We did go mad with joy.

Former Republic of Ireland manager Jack Charlton dies aged 85

Sad to hear Jack “Put em under pressure” has passed. I won’t forget the sheer excitement of Summer 88 in Ireland.

Opinion - Zuckerberg and Facebook Never Fail to Disappoint - The New York Times


COVID Tracker App - Ireland’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing App


An Open Letter to Micheál Martin - 2 Irelands together

Great letter to An Taoiseach.

Why China’s Race For AI Dominance Depends On Math - The National Interest


The everyone economy: how to make capitalism work for all - Financial Times

UK report on Online Platforms and Digital Advertising.

“The concerns we have identified in these markets are so wide ranging and self- reinforcing that our existing powers are not sufficient to address them. We need a new, regulatory approach – one that can tackle a range of concerns simultaneously, with powers to act swiftly to address both the sources of market power and its effects, and with a dedicated regulator that can monitor and adjust its interventions in the light of evidence and changing market conditions.”

Will be digging into this.

Reading this makes me wonder about the long term implications for Intel in Ireland.

Apple Drags The PC Into The 21st Century (NASDAQ:AAPL) - Seeking Alpha

Passed a camper van yesterday and the thought struck me that the next year will be good for camper van companies. Travel while staying at your own place.

Something very off about Ryanair running radio ads promoting holiday flights while the chief medical officer is continually advising people not to travel.

Forgotten, but not gone.

Lex in depth: Examining the slave trade — ‘Britain has a debt to repay’ - Financial Times

Vote Yes

On Thursday last, I took part in the Green Party special convention to discuss the Program for Government.

It was a fascinating exercise in grassroots democracy as members of all ages made their two minute contributions for and against.

I will be voting yes.

The country needs a Government urgently. The Climate Crisis continues. Small companies which provide hundreds of thousands of jobs are desperately trying to survive the crisis brought about by Covid-19. Our economy is taking a huge hit and we are only beginning to feel it’s effects.

There is no time for us to sit on the sidelines. With Government comes responsibility and my feeling is that some of those who would vote no are afraid of the difficult decisions to come. There will be very difficult decisions to be made.

Crisis though, often brings opportunities to change things quickly for the better. We are moving from a period of small Government to one where the state takes full responsibility more often for deciding where and how to invest.

The winds of change are also apparent in Europe with the Commission driving the Green deal and the ECB pretty much paying countries to take funds and invest.

Why would we not want to be a part of this process?

If the Green Party says no, the probability of another election rises dramatically. In that election, most of our gains and TD’s will be lost, politics will further polarise between FG and SF and the greenest Program for Government ever will be shelved.

Vote yes.

Michael Clifford is one of our best journalist. This is another very timely piece from him.

Michael Clifford: Debating the tired claims of ‘media bias’. -


The smell of diesel is is the air again.

Important to understand how destructive it is. Termite Capitalism: how private equity is undermining the economy - openDemocracy

Essential Reading. Why Do Republican Leaders Continue to Enable Trump? - The Atlantic

Ignore the austerity ‘jihadis’. Here’s an alternative economic strategy - David McWilliams

Sunset Dublin 1st June. High tide.

Timely article. We can see clearly now where populism leads. Populist politics in all but name is alive and well in Ireland

‘This man knows he’s dying as surely as I do’: a doctor’s dispatches from the NHS frontline - Books - The Guardian

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