West of Ireland sunset 22:00

Ulysses - listen to the epic RTÉ dramatisation

Landmark Litigation. Online advertising causes the world’s biggest data breach. We are going to court to stop it. - Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Go Johnny go.

Google agrees to advertising changes after €220M French antitrust fine – POLITICO

Good that EU countries are taking these actions. Lots more work to do.

Boris Johnson Knows Exactly What He’s Doing - The Atlantic

Really good piece on BJ. Enjoyed it.

Bog of the frogs.

The real attention crisis – On my Om

New Pop-up Newsletter — Kumano Kodō — Ridgeline issue 117

Am enjoying following along on this walk in Japan. Where are all the Nightingales.

Running Orders by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha - Poetry Foundation

Want peace in Gaza? Here’s the four things that need to happen - Trócaire

T.S. Shanbhag died of coronavirus on May 4th - The Economist

A life well lived.

How the cookie poisoned the web

Good piece by Doc Searls

Ransomware to the Pandemic

Yesterday I read this essay by Zeynep Tufecki Battlestar Galactica Lessons from Ransomware to the Pandemic

“The dynamics of digital insecurity and ransomware and related threats are eerily similar to the lead-up to the pandemic. Just like with the pandemic, the alarm has been ringing about digital security for decades, but we are just hitting snooze instead of waking up and dealing with the threat. Of course, while the parallels in terms of the nature of the threat and some of its dynamics are fairly striking, the specifics are different and matter a great deal.”

Today the Irish National Health system is undergoing possibly the most significant cybercrime attack on the Irish State

Busily sending Signal links to family and friends before deleting Whatsapp.

Income inequality in Ireland at lowest recorded level, study finds

Despite all the noise to the contrary, we get some things right.

Israel/ OPT: End brutal repression of Palestinians protesting forced displacement in occupied East Jerusalem - Amnesty International

Art Show is mesmerising.

Investment firms buy estate of 112 new houses in Dublin to rent out

Finance and tax laws that enable this need to be revoked now. Unacceptable.

Adtech vs. iOS, explained - Open Rights Group Clear explanation from UK Open Rights Group.

Just finished: Red Dust by Ma Jian 📚

First Flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: Live from Mission Control - YouTube So exciting.

Long-term Building in Japan. Japan’s Ise Shrine and Hōryū-ji Temple… - by Alexander Rose - Long Now - Medium

DRI Facebook Action - Digital Rights Ireland Digital Rights Ireland, who have a good track record, are taking mass action against Facebook. All affected in EU invited to join.

DPC launches inquiry into Facebook in relation to a collated dataset of Facebook user personal data made available on the internet - 14/04/2021 - Data Protection Commission. DPC needs to be properly resourced. Nowhere near at the moment.

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