Finished reading: A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler 📚 Loved it.

Vaccine rollout going well now in Ireland. 84% of adults with at least one dose. 69.2% of adults fully vaccinated.

How RTÉ News is covering climate change

The message has finally got through. There is so much more that they can do to inform and educate.


Audit Algorithms.

By law, companies should be required to have their algorithms audited, just as their financials have to be audited. It’s time to end the unfettered power of algorithms specifically designed for one purpose only (revenue growth) without any regard for the common good or for any harms the algorithm may cause.

The gorse on Howth Head has been burning for weeks now. Another climate signal.

Got my EU Covid digital cert, but surname spelt incorrectly. Wonder how often that happens.

The politics of lies: Boris Johnson and the erosion of the rule of law

The People’s Declaration

Dublin Bay South by-election 2021 tally - Google Drive

Excellent tally sheet for the count today. Looks like Ivana Bacik will be elected. Wondering if green transfers will push her over the quota.

The Irish Times view on Covid-19 in England: Boris Johnson’s let-it-rip policy

Horrified by the UK Government decision.

On the Dart.

Spot the donkey.

Old and New.

Indoor dining postponed

This is the right decision. There will be a lot of outrage, but it’s the correct thing to do. We need to navigate our way out of this very carefully. The potential impact of delta variant given our current level of vaccinations should not be underestimated. The UK is not making it any easier for us given their decision to open up completely on the 19th July.

It’s tough for politicians in Government making these decisions and they need our support.

NPHET letter to Government

Sligo Town

We spent some hours in Sligo town last week during a break in the North West.

The town has so much potential. The experience as a visitor though, would be soooo much better if all streets within one kilometre of the center were closed to traffic. A lot of the center was constantly full of idling cars stuck in traffic, mostly diesel, filling the air with toxic fumes.

We found it difficult enough at times to even cross streets.

Get traffic out of the center, provide community electric buses like we’ve seen in Bayonne and bike lanes for people to get around. It’s time to get rid of cars in these kinds of spaces.

West of Ireland sunset 22:00

Ulysses - listen to the epic RTÉ dramatisation

Landmark Litigation. Online advertising causes the world’s biggest data breach. We are going to court to stop it. - Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Go Johnny go.

Google agrees to advertising changes after €220M French antitrust fine – POLITICO

Good that EU countries are taking these actions. Lots more work to do.

Boris Johnson Knows Exactly What He’s Doing - The Atlantic

Really good piece on BJ. Enjoyed it.

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