Did scientists just find life on Venus?


RIP the rule of law in the UK Astonishing, but not surprising behaviour.


The future of Retail

I’m thinking a lot about retail. 3 pieces that have caught my eye in the last few days.

How to save Irish retail. Stephen Kinsella.€ subscription required. Worth it if interested in Irish business. One crucial factor not mentioned here is logistics costs. It costs us €6 to ship a box to a customer in Ireland, including Northern Ireland, but more than 3 times that to Britain. Amazon is a logistics company operating at enormous scale. If we want to help Irish retailers sell more in Europe, looking at innovative ways to reduce logistics costs would be a good place to begin.

The ecommerce surge. Benedict Evans.

Why the shift to online commerce is here to stay. Om Malik

Just finished reading: The Man Who Solved The Market: How Jim Simons Launched The Quant Revolution by Gregory Zuckerman 📚

Interesting read. Also made me think more about the influence of money on politics which I didn’t expect.


[The French will have to build a wall … – Progressive Pulse](…

Headline of the day for me.

After the race. Howth 17

How Covid-19 Signals the End of the American Era - Rolling Stone

“No empire long endures, even if few anticipate their demise”

Restrictions on Kildare, Laois and Offaly could be extended to other counties, NPHET warns

If meat plants can not be operated safely and result in regional lockdowns which affect everyone, perhaps we should just close them.

Farmers dont make much, if anything. So who benefits?

On not opening pubs

Am relieved the Government has delayed phase 4 reopening. I feel for pub owners that don’t offer meals but there is really no choice but to keep them closed if we want to keep this virus at a low level.

The Government should, however, just be honest and tell them it’s unlikely that they will be allowed open for the rest of the year at least.

TikTok and the Sorting Hat — Remains of the Day

Interesting read.

The Scholar’s Stage: The World That China Wants (III): Taking Chinese Communism Seriously

Interesting analysis.

Fire and Fawning Good questions from Scott Galloway.

Adam Tooze · Whose century? After the Shock · LRB 30 July 2020

Interesting read.

BenBulben Forest Walk..

First time outside the city in 5 months

Ben Bulben

Michael Clifford: Our tricolour under siege once again

Well said Mick.

So, the Privacy Shield is dead

So, the Privacy Shield is dead. I’ve never been under the illusion that the US or other third countries provide the same protections as the EU. I am a strong advocate for privacy.

But yet. I am also conflicted. There is one issue here that I never see discussed is that as businesses, particularly small businesses move to the cloud and seek out platforms to work with, they will invariably find that the ones they want to work with are not European and that their customer data will not be held in Europe.

I have struggled with this more and more in the last 12 months, particularly in recent months trying to increase efficiency and resilience.

Small businesses are not going to have the time, resources or expertise to deal with this.

My own conclusion is that the EU itself has to legislate that any company operating within the EU must keep EU data on servers within the EU.

And there there is Brexit to come in a few months.

National Snapshot

British Airways retires entire 747 fleet after travel downturn - BBC News

Read that yesterday and today this corner sign caught my eye.

It’s time to end the Airbnb effect on Dublin’s housing supply

I agree with this. In fact, i would just ban Airbnb from operating completely in Ireland. I may be a little biased though, after a really bad experience with the company last year.

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