Investment firms buy estate of 112 new houses in Dublin to rent out

Finance and tax laws that enable this need to be revoked now. Unacceptable.

Adtech vs. iOS, explained - Open Rights Group Clear explanation from UK Open Rights Group.

Just finished: Red Dust by Ma Jian 📚

First Flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: Live from Mission Control - YouTube So exciting.

Long-term Building in Japan. Japan’s Ise Shrine and Hōryū-ji Temple… - by Alexander Rose - Long Now - Medium

DRI Facebook Action - Digital Rights Ireland Digital Rights Ireland, who have a good track record, are taking mass action against Facebook. All affected in EU invited to join.

DPC launches inquiry into Facebook in relation to a collated dataset of Facebook user personal data made available on the internet - 14/04/2021 - Data Protection Commission. DPC needs to be properly resourced. Nowhere near at the moment.

Robert Watt may seek to rein in Tony Holohan Thoughtful piece. I had never heard of James Deeney.

Changing the model

In his post Is content moderation a dead end Benedict Evans writes

Hence, I wonder how far the answers to our problems with social media are not more moderators, just as the answer to PC security was not virus scanners, but to change the model - to remove whole layers of mechanics that enable abuse. So, for example, Instagram doesn’t have links, and Clubhouse doesn’t have replies, quotes or screenshots. Email newsletters don’t seem to have virality. Some people argue that the problem is ads, or algorithmic feeds (both of which ideas I disagree with pretty strongly - I wrote about newsfeeds here), but this gets at the same underlying point: instead of looking for bad stuff, perhaps we should change the paths that bad stuff can abuse.

I’ve been thinking about why is such a civil place to just write or link to ideas or find new people to interact with. It’s exactly because whole layers of mechanics that enable abuse simply do not exist.

Contrary to what Benedict believes, I do think part of the problem is ads (not all) and algorithmic feeds.

A big thank you to the team.

Trading clunkers for electric bikes: France moves to offer financial incentive - Reuters

Great idea.

Thomas Zurbuchen: Adventures in Astrophysics The Knowledge Project Ep. #108

In this episode, Thomas and Shane discuss the origin of his passion for astrophysics, commercial spaceflight, exciting experiments going on at the International Space Station, the challenges of space flight, how he makes decisions, whether humans will ever live on Mars, and more.

Listened to this earlier. Found it absolutely fascinating.


The Gaslighting of Science - Insight

Unionism in a tailspin is bad for Unionism but it’s bad for everyone in Northern Ireland too… – Slugger O’Toole I lived in Belfast for a couple of years and it is utterly depressing that we now have a new generation of kids getting caught up in violence. This piece is an excellent analysis of where we are.

Clueless in California

The Facts on News Reports About Facebook Data

Utterly tone deaf. Private information about up to 1.5 million Irish Facebook users now searchable online. You might think it would be a good call for someone in Facebook to put a call through to the Data Protection Commissoner. Nope.

From the Irish DPC statement yesterday.

“The DPC attempted over the weekend to establish the full facts and is continuing to do so. It received no proactive communication from Facebook. Through a number of channels, it sought contact and answers from Facebook..”

We live in hope

Testing linking to Bandcamp. Enjoying Jimmy’s Groove.

Looks like Spring but 5.5 degrees today.

Other Voices - RTÉ PlayerTake some time out and listen to these Other Voices.

There’s another pandemic under our noses, and it kills 8.7m people a year - Climate change - The Guardian

Any day now, the Brent Geese will take off and begin their flight back to Canada.

Evening Kitesurfers

Inside a viral website - Not Fun at Parties This is great. Laughed out loud at the end. Well played.

Your Work Peak Is Earlier Than You Think - The Atlantic This resonates with me. A good read.

Siúcra Roxanna Nic Liam - YouTube ana mhaith ar fad

The end of Silicon Valley as we know it

This is the best essay that I have read in a very long time. It begins with Silicon Valley, but is really a serious piece about addressing Climate change, the failings of Capitalism in its current form and how we might build towards a better future.

It’s one of those rare pieces where you have to immediately stop and consider in a deeper way what you’ve just read. I will be re-reading this several times, following all the links and reading what they point to as well.

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